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Fatimazohra Serri / L4artiste
Mourad Fedouache
5-10 MAY, 2020

Exibition opening story

Casablanca has a soul

Every time it starts with a morning on a day like every sunny day or cloudy day, either raining or not, with a mug of coffee a camera with a word that transforms to text, with a vision that’s transformed to thinking, with the camera trigger to capture a moment. I am the little man who walks in this big city in the street full of architectural and human contradiction. The human soul of the city. He is the city. It is he who builds and lives in its every wall and street. In the city, there is his memory, his story. One day he will detach and go very far, and he will still come to the city. When I walk in the streets and boulevards, I take a look around me. I see a crowd of people who walk everywhere every day. Everyone has a different perspective. All their souls are lost. Everywhere, every human has his own world. Happy souls, lovers—those who have hope, and others who have nothing. I meditate on all this in the midst of this noise and this continuous movement in Casablanca’s space. I framed some images with some souls in it so that you could thoroughly study all the details, the human, the street, the boulevard, walls, details of the city, a moment, and humans in this space. ‘‘Every picture is not just a picture; it is a soul immortalized ‘‘Do not look at the photos with your eyes only, but also with your soul, and meditate ...