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Fatimazohra Serri / L4artiste
Mourad Fedouache
5-10 MAY, 2020

Exibition opening story


"My parents sell pumpkins on the market, I work with them and I study at the university. It was there, on the market, that I took my first street photography pictures with my phone, in selfie mode because the front lens did not work. My photos are a self-portrait, speaking of my neighborhood, they also speak of me. When my mother was pregnant with me, the pregnancy was too dangerous and she kept me, against the advice of the doctor and my father. And here I am, I live here.

My photographic practice is a personal attempt to express what I feel, in my daily living space. Through street photography, I travel in spooky worlds that mix the real and the imaginary beauty of the places and the simplicity of the people who make up my frames. I take a little of the reality that surrounds me, children who discuss, my little neighbors who pose proudly, my mother who holds my swaddled niece, a woman who passes in front of a vegetable stall, to put her in the goal of my camera. Beauty is not just about perfection of lines and shapes. It is above all the beauty of humanity that takes shape before my lens. "