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5-10 MAY, 2020

Exibition opening story

Luis Weinstein
“It is what it is”

'It is what it is' is the title enclosing an extensive series of photographs taken in Chile during the 80's, the military years. Daily life, public spaces, non decisive moments, edited many years after in four chapters selected and arranged to tell a story written in layers within and between every image. I shot and processed all the photographs shown, some of them were printed and exhibited, others were published in different ways but mostly they remained in my archive until now. Revisiting and working again on them, making contemporary books that look like vintage publications has given me the chance to understand some aspects of our recent life with a renewed perspective. The important heroes are the everyday fighters, the 'Guerrilleros' are not only people armed with weapons, the mightiest battalion is the crowds in the streets. This journal sellers under the rain tell the story: the diario de los guerrilleros (the diary of the guerrilleros, reads the cover, also meaning the journal of the guerrilleros) are the ones they're holding, and since it's their paper, it's them the real heroes.