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5-10 MAY, 2020

Exibition opening story

Dmitry Gomberg
Akrak Vazha, The Shepherds Way

Photo documentary about the life of Tushetian Shepherds from 2008 to 2012. For several years, I stayed with Tushetian shepherds documenting their life. These people have been cheese makers since long before Christ. The life that I discovered was simple and harsh. This is a story about their daily life and the route that they take in the mountains twice a year. Like the rest of Georgia, Tushetian Shepherds were facing the transition from Soviet times with collective ownership through the harsh bandit era to modern capitalism.
Dmitry Gomberg was born in 1980 in Soviet Union. Almost became a geologist, but moved to New York and after 5 years of changing jobs became a photographer. In 2008 he came to the Republic of Georgia and was introduced to Tushetian Shepherds. Now he lives in Tbilisi with his wife and 2 children.