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5-10 MAY, 2020

Exibition opening story

Of Texture and Structure
EEP Berlin
Yuliya Khan, Yan Yugay, Anton Shebetko
Curated by Maya Hristova

Photography was the last medium to join the fine arts and in many art academies, the validity of this statement is still being questioned. After its invention, photography was understood as a mere tool for studying and documenting life in order to create other forms of art or for their archiving. Due to its predominantly practical functions, as they were perceived at the time, it was considered less pure and not allowing for the full expression of the artist’s imagination. Eventually, such distinctions became superfluous, while photography today is being exhibited in art museums and has earned its place among other forms of visual art such as painting, architecture and sculpture. As the intention of the artist has been given primacy, artists have also started working in a range of different mediums. Nevertheless, if one thinks of sculpture and photography, they would probably still be perceived as standing in opposition to each other. Photography is known as a rather flat medium while sculpture as one operating in space. The attempt of this exhibition is to bring these opposites closer together and explore the connection between these two mediums from the point of view of photography. How do contemporary photographers perceive sculpture and how is sculpture present in their work? This exhibition contains works by Yuliya Khan from Kazakhstan, Yan Yugay from Russia and Anton Shebetko from Ukraine. Fragments of these projects have been featured as part of the first issue of the eep Magazine published by EEP Berlin, while the notion of the photograph as an object in space has been one of the underlying themes in it.