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5-10 MAY, 2020

Exibition opening story

Hugo Weber, Denny Mollica
Curated by Carine Dolek

In Italy each street has a bureaucratic code used to identify it.
5341 is the code of Boifava street, a proletarian suburb in the south of Milan; this number became a strong symbol of belonging for young people born and raised there. They express this by writing it on walls and in some cases even tattoo it on themselves.
These young people reflect the condition of youth in the Italian suburbs, shining a light on the boredom, the lack of work, the social and economic poverty and the petty theft and as a consequence their “detention” inside the neighborhood. 5341’s boys live a parallel life, always on the fringes of legality, searching for an identity in a world that abandons them to themselves , Keeping them away from the possibility to be what they wanted to be. They are looking, through the number 5341, to create a new society/family where they could be the owner of their destiny.