Alena Zhandarova is the young Russian artist. Using photography as the main instrument of interaction with the space, she creates a special atmosphere of magic, which builds on experimentation and the fresh air of ordinary things in unusual situations. She is the winner of LensCulture Student Award and Luceo Award, honorable mention of Encontros da Imagem Festival in Portugal, finalist of Art.Laguna Art. Prize in Italy and finalist of Photovisa Festival in Russia. Her works were exhibited in Europian Center of Arts in Germany, Kyosato Photographic Museum of Photographic Arts in Japan, Museum of Modern Art "Erarta" in Russia, Pingyao Photography Festival in China, Copenhagen Photo Festival in Denmark, Backlight Photo Festival in Finland, Phodar Photo Biennal in Bulgaria, Perm Photo Festival in Russia, Meyrin Cultural Center in Switzerland, Aarhus Art Center in Denmark, Getty Images Gallery in England and others. She had studied Fine Art Photography at European Institute of Design in IED Madrid.
Alena Zhandarova

Puree with a taste of Triangles

I like to try something what I didn't do before, to expand the perception of the world. I fascinate by the opportunity to try myself as a fabler with my own heroes, the chance to transform my inner feeling of the world to visual form, from chaos to cosmos. It attracts me as a big power, the freedom of choice and will. It’s important for me to envelop my own perception of the world to the visual form in order to be, to feel, to reside my own life, to delight and observe the changes in my picture of the world. I’m very interested to move deeper, to go wider, to unlock the unknown and solve the equation. I explore the theme of uniqueness and diversity of each person, the connection between inner and external world. I break the conventions in which I was placed and try to create my own rules of communication with the universe.
ანა ყაჭეიშვილი 08/01/1979. პროფესიით მსახიობი ვარ. 2010 წელს თეატრიდან წამოვედი. ახლა ფოტოგრაფიით ვარ დაკავებული. ძალიან მომწონს ჩემი არჩევანი. ფოტომ დიდი ადგილი დაიკავა ჩემში. მყავს 16 წლის შვილი ლუკა და ბედნიერი ადამიანი ვარ.
Ana Kacheishvili

From my window “lost highway”

From my window ”lost highway” Humans come and go every day. We are all headed towards light and darkness and vise versa.
Photographer born and based in Kraków, Poland. She studied: - Psychology at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland - Photography at the Institute of the Creative Photography in Opava, Czech Republic. 2013 – Bachelor's degree. Award for the best bachelor’s thesis. Institute of the Creative Photography in Opava, Czech Republic. 2016 – Master's degree. Institute of the Creative Photography in Opava, Czech Republic. In 2016 she started her PhD in Photography at the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava, Czech Republic. Main exhibitions 24 IV–25 V 2009 VI Nationwide Biennale of Photography “To love a man”, Oświęcim 2009 – post-competition exhibition, Oświęcim, Poland 2010–2011 Opava School of Photography. Twenty Years of the Institute of Creative Photography at the Silesian University in Opava, a series of exhibitions: Brno, Prague, Oxford, Cologne, Bratislava, Ostrava, Liberec, Warsaw, Vilnius; 10–12.2011 The Picture we Live in, Municipal Museum of Ustí nad Labem, Usti nad Labem, The Czech Republic; 12.2011–03.2012 The Picture we Live in, GASK Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region, Kutna Hora, The Czech Republic; 19. 05. 2012–17. 06. 2012 The Picture we Live in Dom umenia – Národné osvetové centrum, Bratislava, Slovakia 4. 11. 2016–18. 11. 2016 Tomorrow’s Archive, Off Festival, Pisztory Palace, Bratislava, Slovakia Publications “The Picture we Live in” exhibition catalog, Ústí nad Labem, Slovakia, 2011 “Tomorrow’s Archive” exhibition catalog, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2016 http://anetawojcik.com/ contact: aneta.wojcik@mp.pl
Aneta Wójcik

Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam/ For the Greater Glory of God

What is the essence of the Polish Catholicism today? What language does it use? What is its place in the public life? Are the new forms of the modern devotion an expression of changes or are they only a mask for the old content? How does religiousness shape Poles, irrespective of the fact whether they identify with it or not? Can one escape from it? Should Christ be the king of Poland? Should the chasuble – a priest’s liturgical vestment – serve as a political poster? The project is a case study of the Polish Catholicism. The scientific façade behind which I am hiding is a trap set for the viewers. My message seems safe, as it bears the semblance of objectivity and impartiality. Thence, it allows me to avoid the resistance of people who would treat a clearly critical message as an attack and react defensively towards it.
I am a documentary photographer based in Kazan, Russia. Born in Udmurtia. I studied journalism at Kazan State University and photojournalism in school of modern photojournalism “Docdocdoc” by Mikhail Domozhilov
Ann Glavatskikh


Ensemble Majorettes in the town Belyi Gorodok Kimry area appeared 7 years ago, now they are two-time Champions of Russia. Ensemble Majorettes – is quite a new direction in the choreography of our country. It appeared in the central part of Russia 30 years ago, and is popular in the world for over 60 years. Mazhorett-show Once on the day of the district majorettes team from Taldom came to Belyi Gorodok. Following the presentation, the head of the culture department proposed a circus trainer Elena Osmolovskaya try to organize the same ensemble in their town. - At the beginning 16 people came, we have prepared one show for 7 months. We train by the internet, how to turn a stick, we could not understand how it spins, - says Elena. Now there are four groups of majorettes, they accepted children from 3.5 year.
Vita: 2016 Freelance photographer, cologne 2012 - 2016 Alanus University, Bachelor of Fine Arts with honoring, art and photography, bonn 2016 Freelance assistant to the photographer Achim Lippoth, cologne 2016 3-months internship as production assistant with the photographer Achim Lippoth, cologne 2015 Assistant to the photographer Michael Reisch, düsseldorf 2015 3-week internship with the photographer Vanessa Leissring, dortmund 2010-2012 1-year internship at an art school, bergisch gladbach Awards: 2017 Young Talent La Quatrième Image 2017 Sony World Photography Award, Commended Photographer, open competition 2017 Celeste Network, Editors Choice 2016 ND Awards, Honorable Mention in Fine Art 2016 Fine Art Photography Awards, Nominee 2016 Hotshoe Award 2016, Editors’ Choice Conceptual 2015 PhotoWerk Berlin Preis 2015, „the staged portrait“ 2015 fotoforum Award 2015, honorable mention Exhibitions and publications: 2017 (21.04.-07.05.2017) Sony World Photography Award, Somerset House London 2017 (04.04.-17.04.17) LA QUATRIÈME IMAGE 2017, Espace des Blancs-Manteaux, Paris 2017 OCULAR - Print auction + catalogue, The New Continental Hotel, Plymouth 2016 "How we live" a cooperation project for the anniversary "20 years of the UN city Bonn", Künstlerforum Bonn 2016 publication on the exhibition "Wie wir leben", Bonn 2016 "Finishing works Fine Art", Altes Pfandhaus Cologne 2016 group exhibition, art 686Festival ", 686 Gallery, Cologne 2016 group exhibition, "686GALLERY // ART COLOGNE", forecourt Art Cologne, Cologne 2015 - 2016 group exhibition, "Schrödinger's cat", science center, Bonn 2015 EyeContact "PhotowerkBerlinPreis", Kommunalen Galerie Berlin, Berlin 2015 group exhibition, "art meets culture", cultural center Hardtberg, Bonn 2015 group exhibition, Street Session 2, 686 Gallery, Cologne 2015 group exhibition, "Kunst 686Festival", 686 Gallery, Cologne 2015 Public interim exhibition, "The factory.The church.The castle.", Fabrik 45, Bonn 2015 class publication "The Epiphyte 2", in collaboration with Ralf Brög / SITEmagazine, Düsseldorf 2014 exhibition of the class Michael Reisch, "the truth is real, or: the truth is not real", koop. Folkwang University of the Arts, Galerie 52, Essen 2014 class publication "The Epiphyte", "Understand us politically", in collaboration with Ralf Brög / SITEmagazine, Düsseldorf 2014 Group exhibition Painting / Sculpture, "Not really, or?", Reality - Reality - Virtuality, Alanus College, Bonn 2013 group exhibition Painting / Sculpture: "Nature / Claustrophobia", Alanus Hochschule, Bonn
Antonia Gruber


About the series: The pictures of the series are made of digital photos which were subjected with a analog manipulation. The basic themes are the feeling of inner conflict, false self-perception, the human psyche and the pressure of the fashion industry. The boundary between the classical portrait and fashion photography will be dissolved and the role of the photographed body comes to the fore. Against this background I handle with interests like the public and private spheres as well as the role of women in the fashion industry. The series is a visual examination of the physical and psychological fragility of the human.
Iam a photographer based in Paris. Part of the Hans Lucas agency, i travel and work French and international medias. My work has been published in CNN, Al Jazzira, Le Parisien Magazine, Sept info, Stern, the Weather chanel, L’Obs, Le Monde, 24H01, Animan magazine, Rhythms Monthly Tapei, La Croix, Genti di Fotografia, The Guardian. 2017. Exhibition of my series «PYONGYANG PARIS » «8ème Promenades photographiques en Condroz». Belgium 2017. Collective exhibition Rossini magazine Nothing, Paris. 2017. Exhibition of my series «PYONGYANG PARIS » «Phot’Aix Regards Croisés at the Loft gallery Brussels 2016. Exhibition of my series «PYONGYANG PARIS » «Phot’Aix Regards Croisés. 2016. Shortlisted « Bourse du Talent paysages, Paris» « Aral dreams» 2016. Projection «Turquie Today » «Voix Off Arles» 2016. Projection of my series «PYONGYANG PARIS » «Docfield festival Barcelona» 2016. First price « Voir ailleurs si j’y suis » organised by Fisheyes & «les Rencontres d’Arles» 2016. Exhibition and first price « Made in France » «MAP» 2016. Public price. Session 2 prix Mentor. «PYONGYANG PARIS » 2016. Shortlisted « Athens photo festival » « SNIPEshots » 2016. Collective exhibition at the Rivière gallery. Claudine Doury workshop 2015. Collective exhibition «FOTONOVIEMBRE 2015» «Chapters» 2015. Collective exhibition «Cortona on the move off festival» «A route of melancholy» 2015. Projection of my series «People is my god» «Nuits photographiques de Pierre vert» 2015. Finalist «Fuji experience regard double program» 2015. Shortlisted « Asia-Europe Foundation » 2015. Finalist «Sienna International photo awards» 2015. Collective exhibition «Kolga Tbilisi festival» 2015. Collective exhibition «festival des photographes voyageurs» «A route of melancholy» 2015. Shortlisted «Athens photo festival» «A route of melancholy» 2014. Collective exhibition. «Kaunas festival» «Mona should be proud» 2014. Shortlisted «Prix Roger Pic» «A route of melancholy» 2 014. Exhibition WAM Publicis gallery «A route of melancholy» 2013. Exhibition at the Paris Russian cultural center «A route of melancholy» 2012. Projection of my series «People is my god» Brooklyn slide-luck 2012. Projection of my series «People is my god» Washington slide-luck
Bizet Didier

Pyongyang Paris

An immense spectacle: the reflection of an entire country, revealed by the ruling dictatorship to tourists. North Korea continually and systematically offers the same imagery. Anyone wishing to objectively record, film or photograph in North Korea, will be sorely disappointed. Tourists, like journalists, are bound to take images from a particular spot, or from a specific angle, and above all, according to a set-up that is written and played out by ‘actors.’ This series is the result of a forced narrative that I brought back from my trip to Pyongyang in 2012. My images of Pyongyang-Paris, show one reality intertwined with a modern fable. The masquerade that your guides prepare for you during your trip was a joke, today I did the same by staging this ”Korean” in absurd and banal situations in a occidental world, offering a parallel the two most extreme different worlds.
Carlos Alba (Madrid, b. 1984) is an independent visual storyteller from Madrid based in London. His work is focused on human relations in the modern world. His photographs have a conceptual approach and they reflect contemporary social issues. His tools are objects and archives that helps him to find the photographs that He wants to take. He was a recipient of the Zona C Visual Artist Awards (2016) and Flash Forwards UK (2016). He was shortlisted for the Nexofoto IberoAmerican Award (2016). He was a finalist of Encontros Da Imagem (2016), Grand Prix Fotofestiwal (2016) and Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña (2015). His work was exhibited at various galleries and museums worldwide, most recently at Format Festival (Derby, UK, 2017), CCCB (Barcelona, Spain, 2017), La Triennale di Milano (Milan, Italy, 2017), Auditorio de Galicia (Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 2017), La Fabrica Gallery (Madrid, Spain, 2016), Fotofestiwal Art Inkubator (Lodz, Poland, 2016), PhotoEspaña (Madrid, Spain, 2016), Festival Circulation(s) (Paris, France, 2016) DOCfield, Arts Santa Monica (Barcelona, Spain, 2016), Bitume PhotoFest (Lecce, Italy, 2016), Thessaloniki Museum of Photography (Thessaloniki, Greece, 2016)… His recent monograph “The Observation of Trifles” published by La Fabrica (2016) was shown on PhotoBook Phenomenon (FotoColectania, Barcelona, Spain, 2017), SCAN photobooks festival (Tarragona, Spain, 2016) and Impressions Gallery (Bedford, UK, 2016).
Carlos Alba Aparicio

The observation of trifles

”The observation of trifles” is about how a foreigner finds his way in a new country and a new neighbourhood. I am the immigrant. Taking objects that I found on the streets and using them as a kind of visual archaeology, I discovered East London and its denizens. The combination of objects with photographs helps me to introduce to the audience my work through a more physically way and with a mystery feeling. Thanks to these elements I am making an analytic and expressive world. But the most important aspect of this work is the people who I met thanks to the signals and ways that I followed guided by the objects that I found on the street. They are the key to open an unexplored world. It is a work that is at the crossroads of the collection, history, visual and social analysis. I have attempted to do not forget the photographic aesthetic and the photographic poetic value.
David Klammer I Photographer Jakob-Kneip-Str. 38 I 51105 Koeln I Germany I ph +49 171 837 94 51 I info@davidklammer.com I www.davidklammer.com Vita: born 29.08.1961 in West-Berlin 1996 Diploma Kommunikationsdesign Uni GHS Essen (Folkwangschule) with Prof. Angela Neuke and Prof. Klaus Armbruster Prices and Awards: 1997: BFF Price for the best Diploma in Photography DAAD Grant 2004: VG Bild Grant for "1000 Bhopals" 2005: Appointment by the DFA (Deutsche Fotografische Akademie) 2006: Nominated for Fringe Festival Award during the Reencontre in Arles, „Age of Kali“. 2007: World Press Photo 3rd Prize Sport Feature Series (Soccer Fans at World Football Championship 2006) 2010: Kulturwerk BILDKUNST Grant for Photo-Project "Hard Work" 2011: Hasselblad Award Semi-Finalist Shortlisted for DZ Bank Price 2012: Deutscher Preis für Wissenschaftsfotografie 1. Preis Repor
David Klammer


Auroville, the City Of Dawn, is an experimental townshop in southern India, founded almost 50 years ago to become a place of human unity, regardless of race, belief for people from all over the world to live together in peace and progressive harmony. Today Auroville has more than 2.600 citizens and shortly before its anniversary struggling with its past and future. My Conceptual Series ”Living in Utopia” consists of portraits paired with quotes and pictures of buildings in a strange light, that resembles neither day nor night.