Dmitry Khovanskiy literary manager and photographer Born in 1984 in Moscow. Education: 2001–2006—Moscow Aviation Institute, mathematician-engineer. 2009–2012—Institute of Russian Theater, actor of drama and cinema. 2016–2017—Moscow Institute of Professional and Amateur Photography (at RUSS PRESS PHOTO agency), photojournalist. 2012–present—the literary manager and photographer in the Moscow Hermitage Theater. Currently live and work in Moscow. *** Exhibitions, contests, awards, etc. • 2017, OPEN CALL contest organized by the International Month of Photography Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia. Finalist with the project “Keep the Cages Open Before You Leave”. • 2017, Photo festival “International Meetings of Photography”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Project “Keep the Cages Open Before You Leave”—personal exhibition. Curators: Evgeny Berezner, Irina Chmyreva. • 2017, II International Photo Festival PhotoKrok, Vitebsk, Belarus. Project “Keep the Cages Open Before You Leave”—first place (category “series”) in the contest “Science and Ecology”. Project was also exhibited in festival program. • 2016, VIII International Festival of Photography “Photovisa”, Krasnodar, Russia. Photographic film with some of the photos from project “Keep the Cages Open Before You Leave” was showing in Multimedia program, selection of Irina Chmyreva, Art-Director of the Festival. • 2016, Moscow Hermitage Theatre, Moscow, Russia. Group, permanent exhibition—theatrical photography. Lectures and presentations • 2017, The International Golden Turtle Festival, Moscow, Russia. Presentation of the project “Keep the Cages Open Before You Leave”. • 2017, Photo festival “International Meetings of Photography”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Report “Photobook: synthesis of text and photos”. • 2017, Scientific-practical conference “Printing Graphics Problems”, Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow, Russia. Report “Synthesis of text and photos in the book. Photobook as a dramatic play”. Personal site: dkhovanskiy.photographer.ru
Dmitry Khovanskiy

Keep the Cages Open Before You Leave

Personal photography project inspired by Oe Kenzaburo's novels, The Silent Cry and The Flood Invades My Spirit. What intrigues the artist, is how long it would take Mother Nature to reinstate its rights and erase the memory of our presence on the planet. From rotten food in fridges left without power, radical climate change, and asphalt roads consumed by plants, to books and films—memory of the humankind—condemned to vanish in archives and libraries in some hundred years. Adaptation and reinstatement of wildlife; domestic animals, that survive, run wild... The photography project is both a warning and a guide for those who are ready for an enthusiastic, passionate, and—unfortunately—often futile debate about politics, economy, environment, and demography. All images are created using film and multiple exposure technique with subsequent scanning of negatives.