From an early age, I was always interested in photography and vividly remember in the 70's watching our huge wooden black & white TV. This world of moving images from the make believe world of movies and cartoons to pop culture and serialised soap operas all inspired my imagination, wonder and belief that there were opportunities out there and life was bigger than my own back yard. Reality was brought back to me by my Mother who said that making a living in the arts was not easy and that I would be better served to pursue a different career. Although I took this advice, I never stopped having an interest in the arts, my focus just turned to more appreciation and collecting than creating. The death of my Mother which happened months after the birth of my son, her only grandchild had a galvanic effect on me. It made me question who I was and how I came to be that way. It made me question what drove my Mother to be the person she was and in turn who I would be to my son and how he would view himself and his heritage. It wasn't however until I started to take photographs again in 2010 when I followed my husbands prodding to start taking images again that I realised this was a way for me to capture my thoughts and emotions and express them in a way that for me was more communicative and evocative in a way that would allow others to layer their own interpretations onto something that they related to in whatever form that lay. My work allows me to reflect on a psychological and emotional level many different subject matters some which are more passing flights of curiosity and some which are more personally deep rooted and therefore confessional. Art is my form of storytelling.
Joanna Black

Star Quality

In a world where it seems that is becoming common for people to augment their appearance to look more like some ”celebrity”, I am intrigued by the notion that looking like someone might in someway make you actually become more like them. Throughout my life I have been inspired and respected many famous people. To see if there might be some truth in this notion, I started taking self portraits of me using nothing other than face paint and props to see whether this might be true. Would some of their talent rub off on me? To date, I have done over 500 of impersonations. I am not aware of any of their ”star quality”, talent or success having rubbed off on me yet.